Local to Legend

36 - From Business Owner to Ballot with Deidre DeJear

October 18, 2021 Emily Steele
Local to Legend
36 - From Business Owner to Ballot with Deidre DeJear
Show Notes

Today we welcome to the show, Deidre DeJear, a current candidate in the running for Iowa governor and a local business owner. We chat about Deidre’s experience starting her own business while still in college, her passion for helping small business owners and her journey into politics. 

Deidre opens up about her childhood in Mississippi and Oklahoma and the values her parents instilled in her. She was always interested in politics, but never saw herself as a leader in it. That changed when she found her purpose in serving her community.

After graduating from high school, she moved to Iowa to attend Drake University and study broadcast journalism and politics. She started her own marketing business called Caleo Enterprises during her senior year of college because of a need in the small business community. She saw so many small business owners that had little to no knowledge on how to market their business and she set out to change that. 

Deidre shares her experience in politics, both campaigning for someone else and as the one on the ballot. She offers a peek into what it takes to run for a political office and her take on the most important leadership qualities.

Tune in for topics like:

  • Deidre’s journey in politics
  • Starting her own business while still in college
  • Working on the 2012 Obama campaign
  • Her run for secretary of state and the lessons she learned
  • What it takes to be a leader
  • Advice on career paths

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