Local to Legend

45 - Empowering Emerging Beverage Brands With Gil Coosner from Aviv Distributing

December 27, 2021 Emily Steele
Local to Legend
45 - Empowering Emerging Beverage Brands With Gil Coosner from Aviv Distributing
Show Notes

In this week's episode, Emily chats with Gil Coosner, a small business supporter and founder of Aviv Distributing. Aviv Distributing focuses on helping small alcoholic beverage brands find a place in the market. Gil and his team connect these emerging brands with the right network and distribution to get their product into the hands of their ideal customers.

Gil grew up in a farming community in Israel before moving to NYC in his early twenties. After working in the nightlife industry in bars, he met his wife Brenda, and eventually moved back to Iowa, her hometown. In Iowa, Gil dove into real estate and grew a successful business before deciding to take the leap into entrepreneurship in early 2021 with his own distribution company after many talks with friends about the need for a reliable rep for smaller brands.

Gil chats about creating his own company, the brands he works with and why he loves what he does. He also maps out the journey his wife took to start her own brand, Daisy Cocktail Company (he serves as her distributor). From meeting with a chemist to get her flavors just right to nailing her branding to experiencing launch delays, Gil walks listeners through it all.

Listen to this episode to learn more about Aviv Distributing and Daisy Cocktail Company!

Tune in for topics like:

  • Gil’s work experience and background
  • How Aviv helps empower emerging brands
  • Gil’s experience moving to a new state and starting a new career
  • The conversation that led to Gil starting his own distribution company 
  • Brenda’s steps to creating Daisy Cocktail Company
  • Gil’s vision for the future of Aviv

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