Local to Legend

25 - How JenniferKathryn King Built a Visual Production Agency Focused on Storytelling

April 27, 2021 Emily Steele
Local to Legend
25 - How JenniferKathryn King Built a Visual Production Agency Focused on Storytelling
Show Notes

Founder and owner of Invictus Media, JenniferKathryn King, joins Emily on the podcast to chat about her journey from Stanford to Nike to Men’s Health, and back to Iowa to eventually build her own visual productions agency, Invictus Media. With her own company, JenniferKathryn has brought her expertise into her local community and even bigger projects like an upcoming Netflix movie. But she didn’t start out thinking she’d go out on her own.

JenniferKathryn King worked in marketing and advertising at Nike building an internal video department that worked to tell the story of Nike sponsored athletes. She was persuaded to join the Men’s Health team and then later transferred to Des Moines to serve as store manager over Fresh Fit Meals. Then she pivoted once again to open up her own business, telling the story of local brands and organizations right here in Iowa.

As she built her business, she had to work to combat the intimidation people sometimes felt around video and instead show them why it’s a crucial medium to use to build trust with your customers in today’s business environment. We chat through how local businesses can get started with video and how Invictus is able to help businesses articulate their brand through visual content. 

Tune in to listen to JenniferKathryn’s story and where she’s headed next! 

Tune in for topics like:

  • A behind the scenes look at working in Nike’s HQ
  • How you know when to niche down in your business
  • The real deal on Reels
  • How to incorporate video into your brand strategy
  • Why it’s time to get comfortable showing up as yourself
  • Video Business Card - what is it and why do you need it?

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